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Huntsville Mechanical Garden

My vision is to see all of North Alabama flourish as the children in the area and beyond get to spend time in fun and creativity with parents and role models in safe, semi structured environments. I see a reality in which kids who may have never been given any positive attention and worth finally get to flourish as they are given the chance to express themselves creatively and learn in the process.


My vision is to also raise up engaged and involved parents, especially dads. I see many dads coming alive to the potential within their own children, sometimes never before seen. I see a world where parents and children put down the screens, escape the virtual world, and engage with the physical and creative world on regular bases.



There will be a main hub called the “Huntsville Mechanical Garden”, a physical space where families can come to play and create together. In this real place, local artists band together for love of the craft, love for the concept, and love for the community to create not only high art for display but also fun, whimsical pieces that children can interact with. This is a cooperative effort with Lowe Mill, and since Lowe Mill is the largest collective of independent artists in the southeast, I see the Huntsville Mechanical Garden being one of the largest kids exploration and creativity centers in the southeast.

There will be partnerships with local schools, research and technical firms, and sponsors. Primary funding will come through partnership and sponsorship with some of the largest engineering and research firms in the area. I see creativity competitions and challenges in the area, where schools and groups come together and show off their talents.


There will be breakout rooms for camps and courses. One of these rooms being called the STEAM room, a place where children and adults can craft, create, and explore together while making their own new things. Camps are held where display pieces are made interactively for use within the Garden. I see ways for parents and children to celebrate their collaboration and creativity through either digital or physical pictures, perhaps both.


The STEM Cell is a group outside of the walls of HMG at publicly available places at regular intervals and is designed to be easily multiplied. These places are outreaches to the community where the real connectedness happens. The STEM Cell groups will behave much like biological Stem Cells where things and experiences can be born and multiplied and lives can be impacted and changed for the good of the communities and all people involved. I see multiple groups, franchises if you will, led by local respected leaders in environments safe from abuse and belittlement. A room within the walls of HMG exists for the same purpose and for small group sessions of various kinds, not limited to but including Bible study and parenting groups.

The Huntsville Mechanical Garden, STEAM Room, and STEM Cells will become community and area staples: places where families can come to learn, interact, play, have fun together, and have an oasis from stress while encouraging and learning from and about one another.

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