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A Little Something Sweet

"Cupcakes? What's so special about cupcakes?"


How about this...

   "A dark chocolate cupcake made with espresso, topped with an espresso buttercream and a milk chocolate twizzle."

And that's just one of the gourmet cupcakes available. Each batch is made small and from scratch so you don't get that "mass-produced" taste. Each cupcake is made and frosted by hand with just enough sweetness to make it delicious and decadent. Coffee not your thing? Try some of our other flavors:

Strawberry Dream

Peanut Butter Cup

Classic Vanilla

Maple Cinnamon CaMuffin

Each cupcake is uniquely frosted and adorned with a special treat. We have candied pecans, candied walnuts, chocolate twizzles, fresh berries, candies, and even candied bacon!

Call for pricing and availability

Kim 256-424-5669

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