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The STEM Cell Vision

The STEM Cell group will be multiple groups around the area. There will be STEM Cell groups at libraries and schools. There will be STEM Cell groups at various publicly available places.


The STEM Cell is at its core a building and creativity group where parents/guardians/role models come to interact and play alongside their children. There will be themed build/creativity days based on what inventory of toys are available at the time. The intent is that the adults will engage with their children in a screen free environment, collaborating to create something special for the day. At the end of each build day, there will be an opportunity for the parents and children to have their photos taken, either on their phones or printed out on site for take home.



Many STEM Cells will exist throughout the area, each led by a competent, trustworthy, vetted and background checked volunteer. Each group should have 2 to 3 co-leaders who can float and give tips and advice to family groups who may be struggling. These leaders will also be mandatory reporters in any cases of suspected, confessed, or witnessed abuse or neglect.


Each STEM Cell will exist in some sort of franchise fashion, where the local leaders take ownership of the group but are expected to answer to a main authority within the STEM Cell leadership system. That way, should bad actors attempt to infiltrate a STEM Cell group, decisive actions can be taken to remove the problem.

STEM Cells are where the real bonds are formed and where the real connections are made. Creativity is celebrated, and negativity is specifically not allowed. Even though each build day has a theme and objective, ultimately it is up to the creativity of the family units. Even if we’re building skyrail marble runs for the day, perhaps one child just wants to make a bouquet of flowers out of the tracks and that’s okay. Friendly competition within the STEM Cell is permitted, but hostile competitive behaviors are not allowed.

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STEM Cells will be the backbones and catalysts for awareness, interest, and ultimately the inception of the Huntsville Mechanical Garden.

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